About Us

With its innovative approach to informatics, marketing, product development and service sectors, our team has led the way for many companies to enter into international markets and showed them how to survive by providing them with constant support services since 2000, and we believe that our team has special opportunities in store for you.

The key to getting products and services into global markets is openness, reliability and awareness. Established in 2009 in order to gather our extensive knowledge and experience acquired by our global activities in line with these principles under a new roof, Cromex® Foreign Trade operates in import-export, brokerage services and IT sector. Our aim is to offer our customers and partners growth and products and services in universal quality and standards as well as to become the symbol of reliability, sustainability and prestige.

In all the sectors with ever-increasing competition, our main priority is to promote product and services in a wider geography and to diversify your income resources. With the technical support services we provide in terms of cooperation, we strive to carry your company to the future with a more corporate and international identity.

cromex"This country acted as the stage of an existence of the highest order, which was truly unexpected and not hoped for by the whole wide world. This stage has been a cradle of Turkish Civilization for at least seven thousand years. The cradle rocked with the winds of nature, and the kid within washed by the rains of nature, seeming to be scared of the thunders, lightnings and hailstorms at first but getting used to them eventually, knowing nature as a father and becoming a son to that very nature. Then one day, that child of nature became nature, became thunder, lightning and sun, became a TURK. This is what a TURK is: thunder, lightning and the sun that lights the entirety of earth."

Gazi M. Kemal